Sunday, September 21, 2008

364 Half Square Triangles

Is that what you thought that would look like? I thought 364 half square triangles would look like more. It just seemed like a lot of triangles. I thought I'd be looking at something like this:

But no. There are fewer than I had thought there would be.

That part is done. Now onto sewing them together!

I did get a bit bored, but not too badly. When I was not sewing the triangles together, I planned another 2 quilts in my head, and I did this piece at night:
It's part of this quilt:
Isn't that a terrible picture? When I saw the pattern at a quilt show, I said ick. The picture is terrible! But then another vendor had made the quilt up and hung it in their booth, and it just changed my mind totally. The quilt is really beautiful when it's done. I bought the pattern and fabric right then and there. And it's been sitting in my studio ever since. No more! It's Stash Only September, so out it came, and I'm making progress!


Anonymous said...

The embroidery is lovely! And, yes, it IS a terrible picture -I'm sure that actual quilt will be much nicer.

Jocelyn said...

Thank you!

Pumpkin said...

To be honest, I thought it would look like more too. LOL!

I love the fabric that you did the embroidery on! Just going by that, I think it's lovely :o)